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コム デ ギャルソン AW13’


My word promp was dusk+blue. So that was fun.


My word promp was dusk+blue. 
So that was fun.


T O R U G A 
A Rooster Teeth Community Realm.

Hey guys, we’ve been working on this cute little map to start our own realm around the RT community, trying to make friends, and make a group of people who play together!

A little info about Toruga:

We’re mostly working on a trust system here, so we’re looking for mature, friendly people who can follow rules and play nice. 
No griefing allowed, but PVP is fine. 
We have an XP currency, so you can use your levels to buy items and we even have a bank for you to safely store your XP if you’re out wandering in the wild.

The world is pretty much untouched at the moment. Except for the main town, and a few things we’ve added, such as the store, an XP grinding farm to earn XP quickly, and a monument.

You’re free to build your own house, games, and such, and help up make Toruga a bigger and better place! We do plan on having Let’s Play-Esque events, and minigames.

Realms only have 20 spots. Check the Tumblr’s sidebar to see how many are left.

If you’re interested:

The rules and application are right here.
Follow the blog for updates, and event schedules.

Plus, we’re LGBT friendly. Please consider joining our group! 


Oyster aphrodisiacs


we’re moving right next to dexter’s house 
I saw it as we were driving by it, that’s really cool, my neighbour is a fictional hottie murderer, sweet.